Hand Made Premium Scented Candles from Cheshire, UK

Together with being handmade, our candles are made with Vegan ingredients, we only chose these ingredients right from the start and none of our ingredients have been tested on animals at any part of our candle making process.

Opopanax Diffuser Pack Close Up

Vegan Reed Diffusers are set to return

After removing all Reed Diffusers from sale after the IFRA 49th Amendment, we are pleased to announce the return of Reed Diffusers within the next couple of months.

Some formulations of scent oil have been replaced to come inline with the 49th Amendment , whereas others have had their formulations checked and statements produced to prove they are indeed inline with the new regulations.

However, this will be a quite limited range of fragrances compared to our total offering, whilst work continues to both check the existing formulations and to create new where the existing formulations are no longer in line with IFRA.

Thanks for your patience.