Hand Made Premium Scented Candles from Cheshire, UK

Together with being handmade, our candles are made with Vegan ingredients, we only chose these ingredients right from the start and none of our ingredients have been tested on animals at any part of our candle making process.

Bespoke Wax Melt

We can offer bespoke wax melt orders for many occasions, be it wedding favours or christening gifts, something to remember a special occasion. Perhaps something for a corporate event or function, then we have a solution for you. Subject to our minimum order levels of 100 units. If you are looking to buy our own branded wax melts in wholesale amounts for the purpose of resale, please contact us.

We can add custom names, dates or company logos to the front of your wax melt (see our wax melts branded with our Brownlow Bouquet logo and name for an idea of what this effect will look like) you can provide a graphic if you like for this. Please note very small details may not be visible or appear as they should.

We have 3 wax melt shapes on offer right now to place your custom design onto.

Round – 4.4cm diameter

Oval – 5.5cm length by 3.5cm width

Rectangular – 4.9cm length by 2.6cm width

*please note the depth may vary as each mould will be hand made and hand poured, we try to keep them similar but cannot guarantee they will be all exactly the same.

Please see our current wax melt range for the scents available (we can confirm this when you enquire, as our fragrances sometimes run out quickly) and length of scent throw.

Pricing for this service is on application, however we do have to prepare and design the moulds for this service which there will be a fee for this on top of the melts produced, (minimum of 100 melts, the more you require the price per melt will reduce per unit). However the mould design fee will be a one time flat fee, so if you require a repeat order of the exact same design you will not pay for this again.

The labels we would provide with the wax melts would be the CLP which shows safety and allergy information, we would provide a sheet(s) of these labels so you can keep these safety labels with your wax melts when you disperse them to your guests. At the point of ordering we would ask how many safety or CLP labels you require.

Please use the contact form below to discuss your requirements.

    Looking for something more?

    We also offer a more comprehensive service for producing bespoke candles and reed diffusers for your event, including many coloured glass options. Check out this service here.