Hand Made Premium Scented Candles from Cheshire, UK

Together with being handmade, our candles are made with Vegan ingredients, we only chose these ingredients right from the start and none of our ingredients have been tested on animals at any part of our candle making process.

Candle Burning Tips

We love that you have chosen to buy one of our great Brownlow Bouquet candles, but we want you to get the most out of it whilst enjoying its fragrance, these tips might help it last even longer.

  1. Try and burn your candle for 3 hours the first time you light it, and 3 hours per burning after that.
  2. Let the candle cool completely between burning.
  3. Keep your wick trimmed to 0.25cm, this stops the flame getting too big, you can buy wick trimming scissors which are angled and already at the set length.
  4. Keep your candle out of draughts, air currents and fans, the airflow would cause rapid burning, plus also paper and other lightweight items may be blown into the flame.
  5. If burning multiple candles keep them more than 10cm apart from one another.